Tallahassee Foot Soldiers: Change Makers, Then and Now (Year 1)




Over the course of one week, 15 middle and high school students visited people and places related to the legacy of the civil rights movement in Tallahassee.

We spent the week making art in response to our visit, while reflecting on the legacy of change makers and the impact they have on us.

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People & Places

During the week we visited the following sites:
  • the Bethel Baptist church
  • the Rev. C. K. Steele Bus Plaza
  • the Tallahassee Heritage Walk
  • the State Archives
  • the home of retired educator and activist, Annie Harris
  • FSU's Museum of Fine Arts
  • other FSU campus facilities.
Also, Rev. Henry Steele came and spoke to the group about his experience as an activist, when he was 16.


Some insight into the week.