Project Archive


Art+Civics in Action

Teaching Tallahassee


With Seed Grant funding from FSU’s Council on Research and Creativity, we will work with colleague Dr. John Myers from Social Science Education at FSU and 12 teachers from Leon County to develop interdisciplinary art+civics curriculum that centers on local places and civic learning outcomes for k-12 students. Stay tuned for more!

Curriculum Implementation


With funding from FSU’s Council on Research and Creativity, we followed the implementation of our Curriculum Design project on Art+Civics from the previous year. We traveled to Atlanta, GA and Sommerville, MA. The findings will be published in a forthcoming chapter.

Curriculum Design


With funding from FSU’s Institute of Politics, we embarked on a collaborative curriculum design experience focused on bridging what we learned in the summer intensives with real-world secondary classroom application. We brought together pairs of arts and social studies teachers from across the east coast for three months to design and share art+civics curricula.

Summer Intensive


In the Summer of 2019, we hosted the second meeting of middle and high school students from across Tallahassee. With a new group of teens, we explored the state archives, visited FAMU’s Black archives, interviewed key stakeholders from the Civil Rights Movement, visited key locations, and talked to local artists. The week was filled with small-scale artmaking and culminated with the creation of a finished piece. Click to see images of students in action!

Summer Intensive


In the Summer of 2018, with funding from the Arts and Humanities Program Enhancement Grant at FSU, we hosted middle and high school students from across Tallahassee.  During the week-long intensive, teens explored the history of the Civil Rights Movement in Tallahassee.  The week culminated in artmaking that explored teens’ personal connections to the movement and how it impacts them today.  Click to watch a video of students exploring Tallahassee.